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  • An understanding of your company's mission, positioning and goals related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • In-depth audit of your content and communications across your multiple platforms and touch points, and how they engage with underrepresented and marginalized communities.

  • Assessment of the audit, and qualitative or quantitative research on how target audiences to your brand messaging and communications.

  • A one-day virtual or in-person workshop with your team where we will:

    •  Review findings and share insights from our content audit and assessment.

    • Share successful examples of effective engagement with underrepresented groups and marginalized communities.

    • Discuss areas of opportunity that can separate your brand from the noise.

    • Brainstorm ideas with your team on ways to dynamically adjust your content moving forward.

  • Deliver a comprehensive follow-up report following the workshop that will include key findings (aha! moments) ideation session results.

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